I don't have good news for you, 2017

" Days before of my routine check up at GGD to check my blood, I was weird. My body was weird, my mind was weird, I had a fever ( psychological fever), I don't know, I've never felt it before. I would have a dating that night in my place and we had unprotected sex because he was undetectable. After that meeting, I still had 2/3 days left for the blood test. I was even more apprehensive. At GGD, Amsterdam, I asked the nurse to have a quick test because that unprotected sex (to make sure) . So I did. I waited 30 min for the result. I soon realized that she was not so "happy." I saw on his eyes a gleam of tears and told me "Take a sit, because I do not have good news for you ... " 


On this project, I'm documenting some real stories about the HIV positive result. 


Self letter  written in 1993

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